Hello, Welcome to Sophie Howard Reviews, and today let’s talk about Amazon’s growth in 2020 and beyond. Wondering how you can do it? Continue reading for more info.


Amazon could potentially hit a valuation of $2 trillion by 2023

Traditional Retail is suffering, but Amazon is not, Amazon’s Growth will Skyrocket in 2020 and beyond!

“When this is over, I think this could be the biggest boon ever to Amazon,” — David Kahan, the US CEO of shoe brand Birkenstock

Perfect position with Whole Foods Stores and Amazon Fresh

Amazon's growth

“Grocery stores are also doing good, but the difference is when this is over, the grocery stores go back to just being grocery stores. But if you didn’t have the Amazon app before, you do now.” — Kahan CEO of Birkenstock

Amazon Prime, Kindle and AWS Growth — Amazon’s Powercard, A Diversified Portfolio

Amazon Web Services (Cloud)

“Ultimately the trend towards cloud computing is not going to get dramatically slowed by a coronavirus,” David Heger, senior analyst at Edward Jones

Amazon Prime and Kindle

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