Lisa On Her Amazon Selling Journey

Hey, I’m Lisa. I lived in Melbourne, Australia. I have a family, a 9-to-5 job and I also sell products on Amazon.

I made a decision a while a ago that I needed to look for something different. My curent professional corporate job will never give me the freedom and the lifystyle that I desire, and commuting four hours every day was definetely affecting my health and just the requirements of that role. The whole work life balance it just wasn’t working.

So, after good six months of searching attending lots of different seminars, I came across Sophie’s on Facebook, and I thought this looked good. I went and listened to Sophie’s story and it was pretty inspirational, and what I loved was her down-to-earth approach and her request for the lifystyle that she desired and obviously her fantastic success that she’s had selling products and her businesses on Amazon.

So, 12 months on,, obviously after the education through Sophie and her team, I have created my own branding. I currently have three products and expanding that line of products on Amazon. Those products have about a 30% profit margin on them, and I’m very happy to know that I can create something out of nothing and create my own income stream and be financially independent.

It’s also been great within the group to give back, and I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to facilitate accountability and mastermind meetings, which we do once a week and connecting to like-minded people and just enjoying a really supportive network of great enthusiastic and motivated people that want something a little bit different.

So, if you’re considering doing Sophies’s course, I think that you probably already having those thoughts, and what I love about it is the holistic approach. It’s not just another income stream. It’s a holistic approach and a change of mindset to really having the lifestyle that you want and you deserve. So, if you’re thinking about it, absolutely.Look into it a bit further, give it a go, and all the best.

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