Discovering What Sells on Amazon

don’t do something 180 degrees different from what the best-sellers are doing.
Use that as a bit of a style guide and inspiration for what’s working.

Trade Show Secret as An Amazon seller

There’s a pretty good chance that kind of product will catch somebody’s eye on a website page as well on Amazon.

Finding A Hot Amazon Product to Sell

It’s always interesting to sell something,
as a product that you’ve got an interest in personally, yourself.

Facing Challenges and Being Resourceful

There’s nobody who cares more about your business than you.
So you just have to be resourceful and keep your eye on the long game.

Start a Fantastic Reasons on Amazon Business Today

Amazon business is an extraordinary decision on the off chance that you need to dare to web-based selling. You can build up your very own image through Amazon. The stage demonstrates effective for an existing business to extend selling activities also. Not referencing that it’s ideal for practically any sorts of items individuals need to sell and purchase.

Fantastic Reasons to Start an Amazon Business Today

Amazon’s business offers captivating advantages for dealers today. Furthermore, these advantages are the primary explanations behind you to start selling on the stage also.

9 Valuable Startup Tips for a Successful Amazon Business

Heard about Successful Amazon Business giving...



Journey to success through Sophie Howard

We’re very excited when we got our first sales and sales have been increasing since then.

Hi, I’m Ka Lun from Sydney, Australia. My background is in marketing and project management. My husband Steve and I have three little girls, and even we have good jobs and don’t mind what we do, we’ve always looked for ways outside of work to create extra income, enough to be financial independent, to be able to live the lives that we want, which includes a lot of travel. We love traveling, as you can see from the map behind me. And even though we’ve done a bit of it with our girls, there are so many more places in the world that we’d love to visit.

We initially invested in residential and then later commercial property to generate this cash flow, but knew that if we wanted a significant lump sum to be able to clear our debts and become mortgage free, we would need to do something like property development, which we found a bit more risky and daunting with the amount we had to learn, and the amount of capital we’d need to invest to achieve the big results we wanted.

We were very excited when I was pregnant with our third and we actually heard about Sophie’s Amazon through seeing some ads on Facebook. We went along to a free event and were amazed at the result that Sophie achieved from selling her products on Amazon in terms of the significant cash flow that she received ongoing, and at the same time, being able to build a sellable business.

More than once, she was able to sell and clear her mortgage in one lump sum, which is a big goal for us. We were very excited to be able to learn from someone who actually achieved the results that we were looking to achieve in our lives. And while pregnant initially when we joined her course, and then later after having our third, and then adjusting to being a mom of three little girls under five, because of the fact that Sophie’s course is online and in modules, I was able to, when I had the time, fit that in. And I guess this is about having consistent effort in terms of the time that you invest in going through the course, and the beauty of it is once you learn something, you can implement that. You don’t need to learn everything before you can take the steps. And that’s what we did. By following her step-by-step proven system, we were able to identify a potential product and find a supplier for it, and then place a small order so with low risk to be able to market test the product. And we repackaged it and also private labeled and branded it so that it would be our own. And we launched it on Amazon US the way that Sophie teaches us so that you’re not wasteful and spending a lot of money, and you’re effective and cost-effective especially with your money.

We just did some simple pay-per-click advertising on Amazon itself and we’re very excited when we got our first sales and sales have been increasing since then so we’re actually now looking to place a significant order from the supplier. We have also launched on Amazon Australia as well and we’re looking forward to going along to the Vietnam Trade Fair in order to source additional products to add to our brand as well as to launch some additional brands and product ranges later in the year. If a busy mom like I can find the time to fit this in amongst school drop offs, preparing lunches, changing nappies, breastfeeding, I’m sure you definitely can. But it’s just being deliberate with your time and investing your time, and also your money in what’s important and what’s going to give you the result. It’s definitely worth the investment in yourself and your future for you and your family. Thank you.

DISCLAIMER: Success in business depends on a variety of factors, including skill level, effort, market factors, and much more. Thus everyone’s results in an Amazon business will differ. So no promises or claims are made as to your income potential or lack thereof. And, of course every business has some risk involved. That said, Amazon is an huge opportunity and has helped my family and I have the lifestyle and freedom we want. Maybe it can do the same for you, if you apply some effort and energy to it.