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The huge impact of Sophie Howard’s Course had on me and my family to give you a bit of background several years ago I moved down here to Queenstown and walked away from a corporate career to chase an entrepreneurial dream that it always had the only problem was at that point.

I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do when I got here over the next few years I tried lots of different things ranging from an online startup gold trading a media company and even a retail store unfortunately none of them were particularly successful and I got to a point where I was very short of money and thought maybe the dreams over.

I’m gonna have to go back to the city and back to that job I hated I was getting pretty desperate because I knew what I wanted I just couldn’t find it and what I was looking for was something that was scalable had it could be run from anywhere.

I’d chosen to live in a small town without much infrastructure and also I also needed plenty of hours left for me as well as work to do what I wanted in day thankfully not long after that I discovered Amazon which was perfect because it ticked all the boxes however with it came a new set of challenges and problems that.

I really needed some help with I started looking around and I did find and actually enrolled in a couple of other well-known courses and unfortunately at that stage, I still didn’t feel I was getting all the help that I needed not long after that I found Sophie’s course and that it just really resonated with me.

I found the video training to be very comprehensive and goes deep into the detail the weekly product university calls are excellent and they’re all and I always get something out of those the thing that really differentiates Sophie Howard from the other courses.

I found is the amount of time she spends on product selection finding the right product and where to source it from there’s no doubt it can be a lot of frustrations and platform but to give you an example our business had a two hundred and eighty percent increase in sales last year

And I attributed a lot of that success to Sophie Howard’s course so one of the biggest benefits is selling on Amazon for me at least is the freedom it gives me it doesn’t take a lot of time each day to actually the business so I have plenty of types with my family I get to work from home and that’s fantastic so if you’re thinking about doing, of course, I just can’t recommend it enough.

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