Fiona’s Amazon Selling Journey: Sophie Howard Reviews


Hi, my name is Fiona, I live in the UK, and this is my Amazon Selling Journey.

I run an Amazon FBA business. Prior to having my FBA business, I worked as a Pharmacist in retail pharmacy management for around 15 years.

But then, about five years ago, after having been made redundant, and then also sadly losing my daughter. I got completely disenchanted with my professional career and felt like I really needed to make some massive lifestyle changes to spend more time with my family with my son and husband.

And so I decided to start an online business selling personalized gifts that I have them from the Shopify platform. And although I absolutely love this business, and it’s been really successful for me, I found it really difficult to make it work in terms of giving me the income that I desire.

But also that time that I wanted with my family. So whilst I was looking for another last year, I came across a podcast where I heard Sophie Howard Reviews and interviewed, and I really got excited about the potential of Amazon FBA and felt that it was a good business model for me.

I also really resonated with Sophie Howard Reviews and story. So I signed up for the training and really threw myself into it and got involved in the Facebook group, which I found a really massive bunos in terms of helping me not feel isolated whilst I was going through the training and also now working from home by myself to be able to connect with people who are in the same situation as me is a really, really, really big positive for me.

It’s such a helpful and proactive group. So last year, I launched my first product on Amazon, and within three months of selling, I had effectively managed to replace my salary as a pharmacist. I had a great business on Blue Sky Amazon, which was turning over around $15,000 a month already with really, really good profit margins in it. and the part of it is I don’t have to lift a single finger to fulfil any of those orders

Amazon does all that hard work for me, which is an incredibly liberating feeling and really gives me a sense that I can scale this business easily by myself. So I was able to make some really big lifestyle changes last year. I finally eventually was able to say goodbye to my professional career as a pharmacist.

I now work from home full time, and I can take my children to school and pick them up every day. I’ve been able to travel as part of this business, I’ve travelled to India, and I’m also travelling to Vietnam in a few months to look at sourcing more products with Sophie Howard’s help. I love the course, and I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

I found it incredibly comprehensive and a really, really supportive group to get involved with as well. It was my pleasure to share my Amazon Selling Journey. So I would just also like to take this time to say a really big thank you to Sophie for her help.


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