It’s always interesting to sell something,
as a product that you’ve got an interest in personally, yourself.
But generally, when I hear like that, and then I ever go and
look at the numbers for someone, there’s just not enough demand.
Because if it was mainstream enough to hit the numbers that you need for it to be a decent
Amazon product, somebody’s probably already selling it.

I mean, if there’s a spectrum of every competitive and not competitive or
high demand and low demand and you have to trade off those a little bit.
I’d much rather be a slightly smaller product with lower competition
when you’re starting out then too much competition.

That’s the worst thing you can run into as a newbie.
But you definitely want to sell something where there are people looking,
there are people spending money, and that’s where that training on how to look at
the helium 10 numbers will show you if people are making sales.
And if there are not two or three people making 5,000 or
so dollars a month in sales, it’s probably not the product for you.