So, it”s always been stressful things bur never a day where I go, “Well, that’s it. I quit” ever.
Because the alternatives aren’t easy either. Like the other platforms aren’t easier.
Going back to the day job just doesn’t work at all.

I am officially unemployable. I think nobody should ever employ me in a 9 to 5 ever again.
I would not have my heart or soul in it.
No. It’s such hard work, working in a job. It’s exhausting and Stressful and draining and big hours

And it’s such a luxury and a privilege to be able to earn income independently of another business.
There’s going to be challenges.
It’s not “will the happen?” It’s “when will the happen?” It’s not “if” it”s “when.”
So Brandon was just saying before, we used to panic at the beginning something would go wrong.
And it was a big drama. And now it’s like if every quarter, something hasn’t blown up, it must be about to, when’s it coming? What’s it going to be?
And there’s no answer. There’s nobody who cares more about your business than you. And there’s no fixed answer.
So you just have to be resourceful and keep your eye on the long game.