Blue Sky Amazon Student Review by Peter J.


Hi there, my name’s Peter Judd. I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand. I’m involved in the training industry at the moment. I saw Sophie’s advertisement Online. I was looking for a business that would not be hours-based, In other words, it would work when I wasn’t. That would be locationally independent, I could work from anywhere, . The other thing I suppose too is I didn’t want something that would require formal certification. I mean, it’s a bit late for me to be a doctor, Or a welder, or something.

I just really wanted to have a business that I could run with. The other thing, as far as looking at other training courses go, I did look at a number of others, and I felt that Sophie’s overall was more down-to-earth. I felt that it had less hype, and I felt That, in a word, it was genuine, and that’s proved to be the case. I launched my first product in December 2019.

So it’s been a couple of months. I’ve sold a few products, but I’m not satisfied yet. There’s a lot more to come, it’s a work in progress, but I have started. I guess the big change that occurred with me was the new language. I mean, what the heck is PPC?

What’s private laboring, What’s FBA? All these different things. How do I find a product? All these different things. How do I know if it’s gonna be viable or not? Why am I selling this product? Why am I pursuing it? What’s the problem that I’m trying to solve in selling this product? What’s helped me throughout the course? Perseverance I think, Learning perseverance is key.

Stories from others really helped as well. The coaching sessions are really valuable, in fact, they’re essential. And also, most importantly, for me personally, it was a track to run on. I need a track to run on. The main difference that, that’s made for me,

Overall, is an awareness that I can be part of something that actually works as a business. And if you’re considering joining Sophie’s training course, I’d recommended that you check out the other ones first. Put the dipstick in, put the feelers out, make sure this one’s for you. And if it is, jump in, boots and all, give it 100%. All the very best with your business.

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