Blue Sky Amazon Student Review by Jenn.

The reason why I came this blue sky event was because I want to learned more, so we could become more flexible with our job and create the brand and fine out all the detail, and I work in amazon.

If I could guess for the next year, and do it on my own, and go through proper more Up’s and down so I could have learned it right now, and get started a lot quicker.

My favorite part of this event was learning what not to do, Because I think and that’s why people don’t might money, and our successful is they don’t know what to do, and then I guess, And then they have we keep on guessing guessing, so if you already know what not to do, then you know what to do! and then you can get started quicker.

Without menology, I learn from Sophie and all the guest speakers is gonna help us home in on exactly what product we think that were going to work and not work. and to help us build our brand. why some they come this advantage because Sophie Howard is already than this multiple times successfully!

So she was not and one of and she collaborated and with other successful people. Who love hope on in her whole operation, and so you learning from somebody who really knows what she doing. and loves on and passion about it at the same time, but her I like, cause you want to be able to be a creative and they passion about what do you do so if you’re thinking about coming for the next event I would say my advice would be to go for it and do it.!

There is always something to learn and there is very successful people here and who can teach you the ropes and get you started on a lock cooker pot. then if you were just bouncing around and trying to figure it out own your own.

Blue Sky Amazon Student Review by Jenn

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