Sophie Howard Reviews: Tammy Brown’s Amazon Seller Success Story

Hi everybody, my name is Tammy Brown. And this is my Amazon Seller Success Story. From Nothing To Everything! I am from northern Alberta, Canada. And I am an Amazon Seller and a member of Product University. And two years ago, I wanted to start selling products on Amazon, but I had no idea what I was doing and I had no idea about what products I wanted to sell, until one fateful day I listened to a podcast featuring Sophie Howard Reviews. And right away, her message resonated with me.

With her honesty and her willingness to share her story, I knew this was a lady I needed to get behind, and this is someone I wanted to learn from, So I signed up, and in my very first month, I had my first product up and selling on Amazon. We’ll fast-forward two years later.
I’m still selling that same product, plus many more. But we’ll just take that first product as an example.

Last year I did $80,000 in sales, made a 40% profit margin on that one product. Now I would never have been able to do this if I hadn’t signed up with Sophie Howard Reviews. because everybody else teaches, you know, get the high competition products, the number one sellers. Well, this product is not that, well, this product is not that but I am still making amazing money.

So I just repeated, rinse-and-repeat, rinse-and-repeat, keep going with low competition, unique products, and putting them up on Amazon. So I just wanna thank you, Sophie, for teaching me how to do this. I want to thank you for, now I have so much confidence that I can have a presence on Amazon as a seller from northern Alberta. And also, thank you for giving me the freedom to choose what I wanna do today, what I wanna do tomorrow, what I wanna do next year.

This is the best job ever. I sell low competition products on Amazon and I have a stress-free job, So thank you, Sophie Thank you for creating Product University. I am forever grateful.

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